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Rev. Nader Hanna, Executive Director of Salam Ministries, was born and raised in Egypt, a Muslim, Arabic-speaking country. He has lived and served the Lord in Egypt, Lebanon and Cyprus. He continues to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations in the USA. Rev. Nader is a trainer and coach of cross-cultural Disciple Making Movements DMMs and an evangelist to Middle Easterners and Muslims.
Training sessions are offered in:


      Spiritual Formation 

  • Healing and Freedom Through Forgiveness 

  • Our Identity in Christ/ Spiritual Authority 

  • Prayer/Prayer Movements 

  • The Unseen Realm/ Spiritual Warfare 

  • Holy Spirit, and How to Partner with Him


      Disciple Making 

  • Evangelism From God’s Perspective 

  • Cultural Orientations of the World/ 

  • How to Relate to People from Other Cultures 

  • Communicating the Gospel Cross-Culturally 

  • Working with Refugees and the Nations Among Us


      Making Disciples among Muslims 

  • Why Muslims/Why Now 

  • Islam 101 

  • Folk Islam 

  • Political Islam 

  • Value System in Islam 

  • Apologetics –Common Arguments 

  • Sharing the Gospel with Your Muslim Friend