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Every Day Our Nation Should Pray

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Lord God, Our Creator, and Heavenly Father,

We thank you that we’re given yet another day and yet another year to glorify your name, make your love and holiness known to partner with your Holy Spirit as He brings your kingdom and reign on earth, and your will to be done here as it is in heaven.

We thank you that you count us worthy to be a part of your family, on your mission team, coworkers with you. We thank you for the privilege of living in such a time as this; a time despite of turmoil and division, bones are coming together to form great army.

We thank you that you did not give up on this nation, and that you find it in your heart to give us another chance, another mighty move of your Holy Spirit, another awakening, another reformation.

We thank you for weaving our stories into the eternal story of love, redemption and grace that you are writing. Thank you for calling and empowering us “Go… and make disciples of all nations” and thank you for bringing the nations to live among us. I pray that we as individuals and churches read the signs of times, rise to the occasion, and seize the opportunity dropped in our lap. Help us love sacrificially, give generously, and show your love and grace those who need it the most. I pray that you touch the hearts of counties and cities officials, landlords, and all people who are in authority.

Thank you Jesus for loving us! We put our trust in your name! Amen.

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